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  • Banner Sales Cleats


    These TDC cleats are pre-notched in 6" lengths to easily break away.

  • Banner Sales Cleats

    Magnetic Cleat Tool

    Our 6" magnetic cleat tool is designed for a long life in a busy shop. Our no-nonsense design and all-steel construction puts magnets where you want them and is beefy enough to take a beating.

    They are designed to handle both TDC and TDF cleats.

  • Banner Sales Square Lock

    Square Lock

    Our Square Lock Cleat Dimpler is the solution to those rattling cleats. Do your cleats fall off enroute to the job site? How much money/time do you waste paying for a job to get done twice? The Square Lock tool will lock you cleats with a positive lock so that you are good to go!

    Made in the USA from solid steel, the Square Lock tool holds up to brutal usage. We make them for the toughest guys doing the toughest jobs using both TDC and TDF cleats.

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