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Thermal, Plasma Table, Laser, Pin Fed Label Supplier

Banner Sales was founded in 1988 with the vision to supply the HVAC industry with labels. We've grown to be one of the largest HVAC label manufacturers in the entire USA. We continue to innovate label technology by introducing color coding for duct, striped labels for even more color options, and the famous HOT label for HOT jobs. Our manufacturing facility has a 21 point inspection system to ensure that your labels are right the first time and every time.

Shortly after our founding we introduced Condu-Mate to the HVAC market. Through meticulous research, we devised a way to cut expense for tie-rod reinforcement.

Now the inserts are the industry standard. They go by many names, but Condu-Mate is the original insert tie-rod fastening system and still made in the USA! Condu-Mate has one of the strongest pull tests on the market: at least 1200 lbs for 1/2" and 1600 lbs for 3/4". We continue to innovate for the HVAC market: cleat tools, nylon bushings for dampers, adhesive remover, and more! Family owned, Banner Sales listens to YOU the customer. Need a custom job? Let us know! From 30 per sheet to full sheet labels, we make them at an economical price that won't break the bank.

Banner Sales Co. Inc. offers: Pin Fed Labels | Laser Sheet Labels | Thermal Labels

Other Products: Labeling Tools | Tie Rod Reinforcement | Steel Corners | De-Galv Spray | Damper Products | Cleats | Ribbons | Blue Duct Wrap | Ball Casters

We serve clients across Canada and the United States.

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